This website can be considered to be a mini golf guide, because of the approach which we have taken for the game. It is a little different, in that it is meant to guide the newcomer to this fantastic game, through the basics. Although there is some great information here as well for those who need some refresher tips. For those who no longer can get out and enjoy a game of golf as much as they would like to, then they are going to love some of the alternatives that we have covered here.

Learning the Game

Our site is not devoted to the extensive building of golf skills. This is something which one achieves as they progress through the gameplay. What we have here, is an introduction to what is needed to at least get out on the course and start playing. One particular topic that we felt was important was to provide some information for left-handed players, along with some other valuable tips. Then, for those individuals who want to know the basic skill requirements, there is much useful information here about this.

Where to Play

Most golfers, no matter what their skill level is, do not have any difficulty finding good golf courses. But, for those who may be wanting a golfing vacation, our post on golf courses around the world, as well as famous courses, may be a starting point for you, concerning choosing some great golfing destinations.

Online Golfing

This is a section which many will find most interesting, as it talks about opportunities for playing virtual golf.