Brooks Koepka won the 2019 PGA Championship

Hit 74 strokes in the final round but the US golfer still successfully defends the title at the second major of the year, with -8 points.

Before the tournament, Koepka said that major was the easiest place to win. He proved it through the first three rounds with -12 and left the group to chase seven. But the 29-year-old golfer, in the end, played the last hole in fear.

Strong winds in the final day in New York brought unpredictable developments. Koepka still kept the -12 point after the first half but suddenly found the gap with the table being reduced to four, when Dustin Johnson scored three birdies.

The distance was raised to six, when Koepka birdie was in hole 10 and Johnson bogey was in hole 11. But it was difficult to reach the defending champion when he could not bring the ball to the fairway in the next three holes and got three bogeys. The big wind over 40 km / h caused Koepka’s iron ball to cross the green and he got the fourth shot in a row.

The pressure weighed on the 29-year-old golfer when the crowd chanted Dustin Johnson’s name as Koepka played. Johnson, the birdie on Hole 15, the hardest hole on Bethpage Black, shortening the distance to just one stroke.

Koepka bogey added one more time to hole 17, but Dustin Johnson also made mistakes at the most important moment. The world number one golfer bogey twice in a row on holes 16 and 17 in this tournament and only finishes the last round with a score of -1. Total score -6 made Johnson finish second overall. He was ranked second in all four major, but only one major title.

Koepka, with a score of -8, won the PGA Championship and became the first to hold the Cup twice in two majors, at the same time. The world number one Golfer this week has won four in the last eight major (US Open 2017, 2018 and PGA Championship 2018, 2019).

Koepka was the first golfer to win two major events in two consecutive seasons, including the US Open (2017, 2018) and the PGA Championship (2018, 2019).