Talking about the rules of Golf about stop playing, keep playing

This is probably one of the golf rules that make many golfers confused and confusing in the Golf Code. Let’s talk about the rules of golf about stopping and keeping playing. Golf is a sport that is

Method of handling shadows golf on steep terrain

Golfers need a lot of practice to get used to dealing with the right situation when facing steep slopes. When the ground on the left foot is lower than the ground on the right leg, it is

How is the Presidents Cup organized

The Presidents Cup is a competition between the US team and the international team with the participation of other countries around the world. There were no European golfers in it. The European team alone will have the

Revealing the secret to help golfer have a long golf trip

Thoughtful planning of your golf course will make your golf course relaxing, relaxing and achieving great results. Golfer should have a specific schedule before starting their journey. A golf tour is not only an opportunity to experience

The secret of a bunker escape with 4 exercises by Bob Vokey for golfers

For many golfers, escaping the sand trap is always a big challenge and makes them afraid. However, golfers can completely conquer sand traps with the following exercises. When performing any bunker need to ask for the accuracy

Kolossale Lydia Ko is at the peak of the golf world

Nothing can stop Kiwi, who accumulates the records. She became the youngest winner in a major tournament by winning the Evian Championship. Lydia Ko from South Korea won the Taiwan Open on the Taiwan Fubon LPGA Championship.

Little known story about golf player Ben Hogan – the creator of the legendary swing

Ben Hogan was the winner of the 9 Major Championships with 4th place with Gary Player and behind Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen. He is also one of five golfers who have won all four

What is the way to the ultimate golf tournament at LPGA

Playing in the peak environment is always the dream of any golfer. However, the way to own a membership card of PGA Tour or LPGA Tour is extremely arduous. Another, less harsh path is to become a

Playing golf helps extend the life

Experts say playing golf is one of the important factors, helping to combat the risk of premature death in the elderly. Golf has now become one of the popular sports of the elderly in many countries. That

Should choose floating or sunken golf ball

The ball must also have the basic properties of a spherical symmetric ball. Meaning that the ball must be spherical and must have a symmetrical arrangement of recesses on its surface. The weight of the golf ball