How is the Presidents Cup organized

The Presidents Cup is a competition between the US team and the international team with the participation of other countries around the world. There were no European golfers in it.

The European team alone will have the opportunity to meet the American team in the Ryder Cup event. Presidents Cup is usually held in even years since 1994 and the Ryder Cup will be held on odd years.

Based on the Ryder Cup format, the Presidents Cup is also divided into two teams: US team and international team. Each team will have 12 members and 1 captain. The captain will be a reputable and respected person with the main task of directing and devising the best strategies for the team to win. However, the captain will not directly participate in the match.

Specifically, the captain will be responsible for selecting pairs of golfers to compete in pairs with a group of 4 golfers who will compete to find the best shots. Each match can be a double or single match and points will be divided equally among the 2 teams in the half match.

The team that wins each match will be added 1 point to the team’s total score and a half point awarded to the team that completes the 18 holes. There are usually slight changes to the competition format although the final day of the game is usually played in 12 single matches.

However, due to the terrible attack on September 11, 2001, the Presidents Cup had to be postponed to next year. From there, the event will move to odd year competition, instead the Ryder Cup will be held on even year. Presidents Cup is held alternately in the US and many different countries.

If the match ends with a draw, the two teams will choose 2 representatives to fight in the tiebreaker round. If in the event of the tiebreaker ending with the total points of the two teams still the same, the captain will continue to select 1 excellent golfer.