Koepka think that Major tournament is the easiest to win

The reigning champion of two major US Open and PGA Championship shared the secret of champion in major tournaments.

“Please follow what you intend to do and get the perfect score at the right time,” Koepka advised the golfers. “I think sometimes major is the easiest to win.”

Brooks Koepka is a rare golfer with a number of major championships more than smaller titles at the PGA Tour. Three of Koepka’s five Tour titles came from major tournaments. 29-year-old Golfer won three of the last eight major golf clubs (US Open 2017, US Open 2018 and PGA Championship 2018).

Koepka will team up with Tiger Woods and Francesco Molinari in the first two rounds of the PGA Championship. The achievement of Koepka in major past events is the basis for his advice. Before winning three awards in the last two years, the US golfer has consistently reached the top 5 in the PGA Championship 2014 and 2015, ranked sixth at The Open 2017 and only once to finish out the top 25 in the major categories he attended. In Masters last month, Koepka ranked second and only defeated by “Super Tiger” Tiger Woods.

“There will be 156 golfer players present and you have to determine that you need to beat about 80 people,” Koepka said before the PGA Championship this week. “Half of them will not play well and the number of competitors will drop to 35. Of these, there will be those who do not overcome the pressure. Therefore, the number of champions will remain with only a few people and You just need to win them. ”

Koepka turned 29 years two weeks ago. He is at the maturity of his career and is not afraid to set big goals for himself. “Why dare not think of raising the turns of Major champions up to two numbers?”, Koepka did not hide his ambition to win 10 or more major. “One of the important things I have learned over the years is that you are not obliged to win, but you need to try to have it. Be persistent and good things will come.”