Little known story about golf star Adam Scott: Bring “thirsty” title for Australians(Part 2)

Adam started the 2008 season with a victory at the European Tour in Qatar. In April of that year, he created a storm with victory in the Byron Nelson Championship. This is considered the year marking the career for 28-year-old boy.

However, after that, his golf life and career was more volatile. He continued to suffer injuries such as broken hands and often suffered from sore throats. The main reason is due to physical and mental pressures.

After years of persistent fighting, in 2013, the young man won the first major in his career at Masters, after defeating Angel Cabrera with a birdie in the second pit after the play-off round of applying the “sudden death” law. Adam’s 2013 Masters championship has released the burning desire of Australians for decades.

Although Adam has only one major title, many still believe that Adam will be the biggest threat to Tiger Woods in the world golf village.

Perhaps Adam has inherited his passion for golf and part of his character from his father, Phil Scott. After the family moved from Adelaide to Queensland, Phil worked as a manager for Twin Waters and then Hope Island.

Now he decided to let Adam learn to play golf after realizing his son’s innate ability. Since then, he and his son became closer. When Adam first started his career, he was both a trainer and a manager of his son.

Participating in the design of a golf course, and participating in the EWM Group, the group obtained a joint venture contract to build a 2.2 billion dollar tower in Dubai. Investing in wealthy Gulf states is part of Adam’s ambition to expand his business.

While business passion is on the rise, Adam’s greatest joy is still philanthropy. He founded the Adam Scott Foundation to help poor and disadvantaged children. This fund also helps maintain Adam’s presence in his homeland.