Method of handling shadows golf on steep terrain

Golfers need a lot of practice to get used to dealing with the right situation when facing steep slopes. When the ground on the left foot is lower than the ground on the right leg, it is the slope down.

When playing golf in this terrain, players need to choose the most appropriate standing posture to maintain balance. That’s as well as control the ball line when swinging.

On downhill slopes, golfers should use short clubs because the angle of inclination of the slope will cause the clubhead to fall. At this point, the ball will fly lower and farther than usual.

When the ground on the left foot is higher than on the right, it is an uphill slope. This is one of the tough terrain for golfers. When golfing on an uphill slope, the clubface opening becomes greater, the golf ball flies higher and shorter than usual.

Therefore, golfers should use longer golf clubs to get the most accurate shot. When preparing to swing, let your body tilt to the right more because when swinging up the slope.

In steep terrain, the ball position will lie on the slope inclination. At this point, move about 75 percent of your weight forward, or down, legs. This will encourage your body to move in a steep direction and swing along the slope of that slope.

Players will tend to hit the ball to the left because the lower body is difficult to rotate because of the impact of gravity. This will cause the upper body, arms to move more and move the club to the left when in contact with the ball. When your shoulders are parallel to the slope, go to step 2.

Finally, extend your arms to effectively affect the clubface movement from low to steep. At this time, most golfers tend to hit the ball to the left and the hand to move more, moving the club to the left when contacting the ball.