Online Golf Games for Your Android Phone

Golf is emerging as one of the favourite sports, both online and offline. If you are a golf fan, and you cannot find time to visit a golf course, you can use your phone to access exciting games. Some of the best games for people with Android phones include the following.

Desert Golfing

This game allows you to play, on a screen, of course, a game of golf in the sand. The game has 8-bit graphics, offline support and simple controls. Playing Desert Golfing requires you to push the ball into the hole as you build your score. For a one-off cost of $1.99, you get access to the game with no adverts. It is an exciting way of relieving stress.

Flick Golf Extreme

This is one of the most popular games for people with Android phones. It basically works the same way as arcade games found in casinos and bars. To play it, you will need to move the ball through the flick of a finger. How fast you do it will determine how far the ball will go. The features of the game include maps and graphics. The price range is fair enough for golf enthusiasts.

Golf Clash

This game has common characteristics with arcade games. You need to flick your fingers to hit the ball across the screen. Some of the features in golf clash include in-game chat, which allows you to have conversations with your opponent. It also has updates on weekly events and online player versus player tournaments. It is a freemium game, meaning if you need advanced features, you will have to pay for them.

OK Golf

For the cost of $2.99, you can enjoy this Android game of golf which has multiplayer options and simple mechanics. You do not use a club for OK Golf; instead, you simply drag the ball and shoot. When you buy it, you do not need to make any more in-app purchases.