Should choose floating or sunken golf ball

The ball must also have the basic properties of a spherical symmetric ball. Meaning that the ball must be spherical and must have a symmetrical arrangement of recesses on its surface.

The weight of the golf ball is carefully adjusted to ensure that the balls are not too heavy, if the balls exceed 45.93g are not allowed to be used in the tournament. Most balls are produced to be close to this maximum weight of 1.62 ounces, which is a safe estimate for the weight of a given ball.

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Heavy golf balls create more distance for professional players but less distance for average players. Therefore, golf balls are manufactured with a certain rule to suit every golf player.

The golf ball has a minimum diameter of 1.68 inches and is similar to the weight limit, with the diameter limit being strictly followed. The benefits of diameter are two times smaller. On Green, a smaller ball is more likely to hit a hole. In addition, with a smaller surface area, the ball will have less reaction to wind resistance to create more distance when hitting the ball.

The ball construction and components are used to create the ball. They are also monitored to ensure that nothing is put in the ball to give players an unfair advantage. However, improvements in the structure of the ball still exist with the implementation of the ball core to maximize both the distance and control of the ball without too much effort.

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These balls require a much greater spin speed that only good physical players can perform to compress on impact. If the compression of a golf ball does not match the rotation speed of the player, a lack of compression or over compression will occur. There are also many brands and colors to choose from, with better colored balls and brands that are often more expensive.

For golfers who often play on golf courses with little water hazard areas, or relatively qualified, they will often use the golf ball sink. Floating golf balls are only selected by golfers when used for practice types hitting the lake. Floating golf balls are designed to be stronger and more durable when exposed to water.