Story about golf star Adam Scott: Bring “thirsty” title for Australians(Part 1)

Adam’s 2013 Masters championship has released the burning desire of Australians for decades. More specifically, he was the first person in the country after 16 years to reach the top of the world. Scott has become a role model for those who have the determination to overcome by their own abilities.

Dream of age 18

Adam Derek Scott was born on July 16, 1980 as an Australian professional golfer. When he was in the school, the Australian star was aware of the possibility and did not hesitate to show his desire to become a great golfer.

In the level 3 book, Adam once set his ambition to “become the best professional golf player in the world”. And right below, he left the words “If all the remaining holes fail, must be the birdie in the last hole” in the “Favorite idioms” section.

Son of the sea

Some athletes find answers to problems in life through religion. Others hire a sports psychologist. As for Adam, he found relief in the ocean: “I feel my mind is completely relaxed. The ocean is like giving me energy. I will go crazy if I don’t get into the waves. This is a mental medicine for me. ”

Sanctuary Cove, the Gold Coast – a wealthy neighborhood, famous for its beautiful golf courses and luxury resorts – is accustomed to the image of a handsome young man with curly hair waking up early in the day, tie boards behind the hood and run around the coast to find a suitable surfing spot and leave the world behind.

Just like that, Australian golfers’ life gradually goes through the ups and downs of the sea.

Adam may have been a musical idol. His audiences at the US PGA Tour are mostly young women. Reportedly, he once received the title as the most beautiful man of Esquire Magazine, even, tennis queen Maria Sharapova once ranked him in the top 10 men she wanted to date.