Talking about the rules of Golf about stop playing, keep playing

This is probably one of the golf rules that make many golfers confused and confusing in the Golf Code. Let’s talk about the rules of golf about stopping and keeping playing.

Golf is a sport that is played most of the time without the supervision of the referee. Golf is based on the integrity of each individual showing interest in other players and adhering to the Golf Rules.

All players should behave properly, show courtesy and sportiness at all times, no matter how competitive they are. This is the spirit of golf.

There are two types of Board pauses, each with a different requirement for when a player must stop playing. The first type is to pause immediately. If Council declares immediate suspension of play. All players must stop playing immediately and not make another stroke until the Board resumes play.

The Board will use a separate method to notify the player of immediate pause. The second type is the regular pause. If Council pauses playing for common reasons, what happens next depends on the position of each group.

If all players on the party are in the middle of the hole, they must stop playing. And they must not make another stroke until Council allows the game to continue.

If any of the players on the pool started the hole, other players can choose to stop playing or complete the hole. During a round, a golfer may not stop playing unless the Council suspends or stops playing by agreement in another match.

And if, after agreeing to stop playing, a player wants to continue playing then the deal is terminated, all golfers must continue playing.

The golfer must be careful, leaving the golf course does not mean stopping playing. If a player ceases to play for any reason not permitted by law or does not notify the Board when required to do so, the player will be disqualified.