The Do’s and Dont’s of Golf for Beginners

Many people believe golf is the greatest game in the world, especially those who play this sport. Golf can be intimidating if you’re a beginner, and there are things you should and shouldn’t do.

Stay Focused

Staying focused may be one of the most difficult things to do, because you’re easily distracted, especially at a practice range. Try not to get too entranced by what other people are doing and how they’re doing it. Practice ranges are great for practising the game of golf, because it’s low-pressure, and there are no time limits as to how long you can stay. Learning to play golf can be a challenge, so take your time. Take baby steps for a while. Learn different techniques and master them. On the days you may feel like quitting, push yourself to keep going. You’ll be glad you did.

Always Practice

Even at your best, there’s room for improvement. Practice makes perfect, but always strive to be better than your personal best, and not anyone else. Set at least one hour aside to practice each week, and let your family in on the fun, but don’t overdo it. Your spouse may be the greatest person on the planet, but they shouldn’t be your primary teacher or trainer. It’s best to keep the peace whenever and wherever you can. Working with a professional can help you develop your techniques, without imposing their personal likes and dislikes.

Getting Your Grip

Learning how to grip and hold the golf club properly will save you a lot of trouble and headaches. There is more than one kind of grip, including the Vardon, interlocking, and baseball. Keep in mind learning to grip the club properly can take months or longer to master. Your coach can show you each gripping technique, and you can decide which feels the most comfortable.