The secret of a bunker escape with 4 exercises by Bob Vokey for golfers

For many golfers, escaping the sand trap is always a big challenge and makes them afraid. However, golfers can completely conquer sand traps with the following exercises.

When performing any bunker need to ask for the accuracy of the contact point on the sand and ball, otherwise you also know how the result is. With the following Divot lessons that will help you become more proficient in your sandblasting, many coaches still call it the sand mark.

When on the pitch you obviously won’t be able to hit the club in the sand before hitting the ball in real time. But during training sessions you can do whatever you want. Marking exercises in the sand are great for medium to long shots, 10 to 20 yards with the ball facing up.

Representing the road in the sand are two yellow stripes that you should sweep with. From there you will practice hitting cat 1 inch behind the path with the ball.

Once you have a good sense of your club being able to hit the sand behind the 1 inch yellow line, you can switch to using a stick and placing the ball. Similar to the yellow line, this rod has the function of marking the club so that the club does not expose much sand before hitting the ball.

With the ball in a good direction and a high shot of the trap this is the exercise for them. Place the ball in the center of the vertical center of the rod. Feet open and align the handle of the club so that it is straight with the rod.

Make multiple shots loft and trajectory up by hitting on under the ball. So, before doing this exercise, try swing a few times and imagine the rod is there to keep your hand from going above the center point. Not at contact.

In sand traps, many golfers often make the mistake of trying to reach out their hands before hitting the ball high.