Tiger Woods is not happy with the US Open stadium

“Super Tiger” underestimated the preparations of the major tournament organizers this week.

This year, the US Open is held at Pebble Beach. The stadium in California witnessed Tiger Woods’ beautiful memory in 2000, when “Super Tiger” was the only person to beat under par and champion with a 15-point difference compared to the runner-up. In recent years, the US Open organizing committee has often been criticized for its poor preparation.

“I want to see the stadium improve when the US Open is close to the start of the competition,” Woods added. “Hope the green will be different when we tee-off”.

Woods hit the group with Justin Rose and Jordan Spieth in the first two rounds. The trio will have the first tee shot at the US Open tomorrow on June 14.

“All are trying to reach their peak at major,” the 43-year-old golfer said after giving up Tuesday’s training round. “It’s not easy to do that. Brooks Koepka is the one who did this best in the last few years.”

Woods had no physical status and good psychology at the major PGA Championship at Bethpage last month, and was eliminated from the tournament after the first two rounds. In Pebble Beach this week, “Super Tiger” does not hit too many training rounds but focuses on skills like teeing or kicking.

“I used to prepare like that in Augusta – where I crowned this year,” Woods explained. “I’m just trying to preserve energy before the tournament. The training rounds also wear out physical strength and mind significantly.”

Back to success after a series of surgeries and private life scandals, Woods is now not too much expected to win at all major prices. “Super Tiger”, though, still set a target to overcome Jack Nicklaus’s 18-major record.

“Back competition is too good for me”, golfers own 81 titles PGA Tour confided. “My children now see their father playing golf and winning prizes, instead of struggling with pain. If I maintain good health, I want to give myself another 10 years of playing. There will be 40 major in front of me to break Nicklaus’s record “.