WGT Online Golf Game

There are undoubtedly a lot of individuals who just don’t get the chance to go and play golf as much as they would prefer to. Or, they may not have a circle of friends who enjoy this game. A great alternative to this is to enjoy the game in a virtual setting. While there are lots of games of this nature to choose from, one of the most realistic and impressive is the World Golf Tour (WGT).

World Golf Tour

This is an exciting online game which will really help to build the knowledge that is needed when it comes to the game of golf.

  • The Training Centre: To start with, there is a training centre, where one can go to learn the basics of the game. Here, there are tutorials on hitting the ball, aiming, reading your lie, choosing the club, the right shot, spinning the ball and putting.
  • The Main Menu: Users of the game have access to some selections in the main menu for the 2019 Virtual US Open. These consist of championship events and the US Open experience. Also, players who register can view their settings, as well as go back to the game each time just by logging in.

This online golf game is a virtual version of the real game, and the platform consists of over 20 famous golf courses. It is provided by WGT and boasts about their membership of registered players, which is comprised of over 10 million.

The Cost To Play

  • Some of the tournaments are available for free play, while others are not, and require credits to play. You may also need credits to buy the balls and equipment which are necessary for the virtual play at advanced levels. It is possible to earn free credits from other players, or in a variety of different ways. There are some who don’t spend any money at all, and just enjoy the free play.