What is the way to the ultimate golf tournament at LPGA

Playing in the peak environment is always the dream of any golfer. However, the way to own a membership card of PGA Tour or LPGA Tour is extremely arduous. Another, less harsh path is to become a professional golf coach and manager.

PGA (Professional Golf Association) and LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) are two professional golf associations for men and women golfers. These are the oldest and most prestigious organizations in the United States.

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These two associations set the foundation for professional golf associations around the world. These include the members – countries with developed golf background such as PGA Australia, Korean PGA, Japanese PGA.

The purpose of this association is to create a professional playing field for women golfers who want to pursue the ultimate golf path. And they train athletes to develop most methodically and professionally.

The LPGA system includes: LPGA Tour, LPGA Teaching and Club professionals and Symetra Tour. The first class was organized by two golfers LPGA Shirley Spork and Barbara Rotvig, which was born in 1960.

The LPGA T&CP is for professional coaches and golf course managers. To qualify for the LPGA T&CP membership card, candidates must compete for 3 rounds with a total of no more than 6 strokes. In addition, candidates must complete the test of writing 100 different sentences with a score of over 75 percent.

Gaby Lopez wins LPGA tournament in Florida in seven-hole playoff ...

LPGA T&CP is also divided into 3 levels. And athletes are required to complete all levels to preserve the “full status” of LPGA. LPGA Tour season 2020 has a total of 33 events, held in 11 countries and territories.

Two of these new destinations are Gainbridge LPGA at Boca Rio in January and Pelican Women’s Championship in May. Both of these new events are held in Florida.

This 2020 season, LPGA Tour will also be promoted more. They estimate reaching 500 million households with at least seven awards broadcast on network television. And it has the same total reporting time up to 500 hours worldwide.